Corporate Responsibility

KARVELAS S.A. always takes into serious consideration the environmental protection, human needs importance, society and is generally moving towards the direction of cultural championship through different donations and participations in non-profit organizations and unions.

Human rights protection is for KARVELAS S.A. a basic priority that defines all its activities

The company constantly commits for the following:

  •  Sustainable growth is a matter of very high significance for the company which is always moving towards this direction
  •  The product that is being produced and commercialized is in accordance with all the up-to-date requirements as far as the environment and quality is concerned
  • Employee respect and championship of the different characteristics of all human beings.
  • Finally, the company chooses its partners (customers, suppliers) thoroughly and always motivates them to be in accordance with all the regulations and rules especially, in environmental issues, human rights and societal consideration.


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