We are one of the biggest companies in Western Greece, founded in 1989 in Agrinio-Aitoloakarnania, working B2B and B2C.

We import/export and sell fodder grains, seed-oils , compound animal feed,  animal nutritional additives, petfood, seeds for sowing, pesticides, crop protection products, fertilizers and substrates from all over the world. Afterwards our products are being distributed to our customer network which includes companies from Greece, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Additionally, we have our own production line for some of our products.

We also provide agronomical advice and instructions, for all the possible matters that may occur to our clients, through the expertise that the staff that works for us possesses.

In order to secure high quality services, we have created our own logistics system which includes facilities and warehouses (of total capacity of 10.000 sq.m.), our own transportation means and our own technologically advanced equipment with which we pack our products.

Finally, we have created partnerships with 3rd  Party Logistics Providers all over Greece (including Thessaloniki, Piraeus and Crete) in order to achieve the maximum balance and efficiency of product flow.