KARVELAS S.A. in Agrotica 2020

KARVELAS S.A. in Agrotica 2020

It has been a successful year for KARVELAS S.A. in Agrotica 2020, with loads of people coming by so that they get informed on KARVELAS new steps and exclusive partnerships.

The new exclusive partnership with SAKATA was presented to tthe crowd with a special event with distinguished guests, including members of SAKATA family who were enthusiast to present this new step to the greek market.

Moreover, the new exclusive partneship with Petrisco regarding the Peanut Seed, the first Virginia type seed in Greece, with High Oleic technology.

Finally, KARVELAS had the chance to present to the Greek crowd the new series of liquid fertilizers named FYTOAMINO, which are priduced in KARVELAS new premises in Ypato, with the expertise of KARVELAS staff.

You can see below pictures from our activities there!

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