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CHOLINE CHLORIDE 60% (corn cob) (2-Hydroxyethyltrimethylammonium Hydroxide), commonly classified as Complex Vitamin B (often called Vitamin B4), maintains the physiological functions of animal bodies as a low molecular organic compound that can be synthesized in vivo as a vitamin, the greatest demand in the feed additive.

It can regulate the formation of fats, thus preventing fat accumulation in the liver and kidneys and degenerating the tissue, promoting amino acid regeneration and helping the use of amino acids,

Choline chloride, the most common and economical form of choline, is mainly for mixing additives in feed.

For poultry slower growth, reduced egg production Poor egg incubation, fat accumulated in the liver and kidneys and fat that degenerates in the liver, causes erosion, behavioral disorders and muscular dystrophy.

-For porcine slower growth, behavioral muscular dystrophy, poor fertility, excess fat stored in the liver.

For cattle, reduces respiratory disturbance, behavioral disorders, loss of appetite, accelerates development

This product is only used for animals.

Available in 25kg package.

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