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L- Methionine is an essential methyl group donor and plays a key role in maintaining protein function and total acid reduction status.
In addition, methionine serves as a precursor to cysteine, glutathione and taurine, which are important cellular antioxidants. The other functional role of methionine is to promote the development of the intestine, especially in growing young animals.

Best Amino L-Methionine is the first pure L-Methionine and produced by fermentation, which enables fully availability in its bioactive L-form of purity min 99%.

L-Methionine is the only biologically functional form of Methionine readily utilized by the intestinal cells of young animals. (Shoveller et al, 2003).

This product is only used for animals.

Distribution in packaging of 25kg. (40 bags/palet)

See specifications here, and MSDS.