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The agricultural sector in the modern era, needs new innovative ideas, renewal with the participation of young farmers, cooperative schemes for profitable production and .
The company KARVELAS SA with the farmer service office offers the right guidance to the producer-entrepreneur.

Our principles are quality, prompt service and trust.

With our vision of rural development and the excellent know-how in our field, we can offer complete solutions to your investment plans. Also, guided by our specialized staff, we provide consulting services to farmers and stockbreeders.

In particular, we provide specialized services for:

We undertake the preparation of studies for subsidized NSRF Programs and Rural Development Programs:

  • Registration in the Farmers Register
  • Electronic keeping of the Register of Goats / Sheep / Cattle (Identification, marking and registration of livestock.)
  • Certification of knowledge of rational use of pesticides (According to Government Gazette no. 1883 / 01-08-13)
  • Licensing of water intake points - Registration in the ESMY
  • Licensing of stable installations. We submit the necessary supporting documents for the legalization of livestock facilities.
  • Study of photovoltaic programs. We recognize investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy sources with high profit margins.

We undertake the preparation of IACS declarations throughout the prefecture of Etoloakarnania:

  • For the safe securing and payment of your rights
  • For excellent service by specialized staff
  • To avoid errors and omissions
  • For consulting support throughout the year

This statement is addressed mainly to farmers, agricultural or livestock owners, beekeepers and fishermen.

We remain with the farmer as Advisors and Partners for the improvement, development and modernization of their agricultural holdings.

  • We are investing in the future of agriculture
  • We support the farmer and stockbreeder
  • We promote agricultural production

We can always respond to specialized needs through the experience and expertise of our executives.

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