Mission Statement

‘The main mission of the company is the trade and the development of up-to-date agricultural products which are in accordance with the modern and dynamic needs of the consumers and the whole of society, with respect to the environment and with human value as a main priority.’

President Statement

“The total evolvement and the technological development of the last decades have altered the frame in which all corporations work. Companies of the agricultural industry, like KARVELAS S.A. must be the first to capitalize the above mentioned development and change , prevailing though their responsibility for environmental protection and the sustainability of all the ecological balances. We are ready to deal with all the possible challenges that may arise with determination and flexibility.

We are constantly adapting to new challenges, keeping the same interest for human being since the first day of our activity, though as the human capital is for us the most crucial hoop of the chain that is being called a company. Our people are the ones who keep all this creation alive and thriving. I am pretty sure that together we can look at the future with optimism and with a desire for creativity and innovation.”

Nikos Karvelas

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