Packaging materials from Karvelas

Δημοσιεύτηκε 24/07/2021

For three decades, Karvelas has been a pioneer in the field of packaging materials. In particular, it supplies its customers with over 10,000,000 small polypropylene bags per year, according to all kinds of individual requirements of its customers (in all dimensions, printed and unprinted, laminated or unlaminated, with or without hem, with pleat and in all possible colors).
The bags are suitable and certified for both feed and food-grade uses. It also supplies its customers with personalized AD STAR bags (Block bottom bags). Karvelas has a large presence in the sector of big bags (FIBC-Big Bags) which are a cornerstone in the packaging required by industrial activity, with sales reaching 100,000 pieces per year.
In particular, the large presence of Karvelas in the sector of mega sacks offers storage solutions in the industries of wood, cement, heavy materials, feed grade, food grade and in many other sectors.
The possibilities that exist in the variety of features are huge. In particular, FIBC is provided: of different dimensions/colors, of different volumes, of different handles (loops), printed and unprinted, with valve (top and / or bottom), with ‘skirt’, with Liner or without, at all UV levels etc.. Following the requirements of the time, Karvelas is now active in the field of marketing B.O.P.P (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) packaging, which is suitable for all uses, environmentally friendly and with perfect plasticity.
Finally, from Karvelas you can also get olive cloths of individual dimensions and enormous strength, sewing thread, stretch film, twine etc. Contact Karvelas for any demand in packaging and the solution you will receive will be guaranteed both in terms of cost and time, as well as quality guided by the experience and the customer-oriented philosophy that the whole team has.

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