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L-arginine is a necessary amino acid and plays major role in the synthesis of cytoplasm and nuclear proteins, biosynthesis of other amino acids, creatine synthesis and urea cycle.
Although it is naturally produced by the animal’s body, supplemental administration is sometimes pre-requisite.


For example, animal organisms with protein malnutrition may not have enough arginine.
Symptoms of arginine deficiency in animals include many complications.

Arginine is essential for the metabolism of ammonia produced by protein breakdown. It is also used to transport the nitrogen used in muscle metabolism.
L-arginine serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of nitric oxide (NO), an endogenously produced, cellular signaling molecule involved in a variety of endothelial-induced effects in the vascular system. It also promotes vasodilation of blood, blood flow and muscle enhancement, and relieves a problem associated with lifestyle disease.
The production of nitric oxide by complementary L-arginine promotes vasodilation, which increases blood flow, oxygen transport and nutrient supply to skeletal muscles.

Distribution in packaging of 25kg. (40 bags/palet)

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