KARVELAS SA in 2019 proceeded to the strategic move of acquiring a factory for the production and packaging of agrochemicals at Ypato of Voiotia (former BAYER factory). It was the first step for the development of the company from a simple distributor of agrochemicals to a packer with a final destination to the producer.

Stable and significant partnerships with companies such as ISAGRO, SHARDA, HELM, PROBELTE, OMEX also contributed to the success.

Thanks to the excellent location of the plant, KARVELAS SA has expanded to the new sector of Chemical Logistics and provides storage, distribution and production and packaging of pesticides (presented in detail below).

In order to fully satisfy the requirements of the customers, it acquired its own Chemical Logistics facilities at Sindos, Thessaloniki as well creating constant and accurate service conditions for the entire network of warehouses in Northern Greece and beyond.

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